Monday, 3 December 2012

Lazy 15 Disney Nails

So I was doing better, got all caught up on this challenge. And then my boyfriend and I moved into our new condo (YAY!) which means all my nail stuff was packed up (BOO) so I am once again incredibly behind on the challenge. Le sigh. But these were my Disney nails!

I knew better than to attempt nail art again, so I went with a skittle mani inspired by the dresses popular Disney princesses wear. The blue represents Cinderella, the tan dotted with turquoise and gold is Pocahontas, the flakie teal and purple is Ariel, and the yellow with blue is Belle! I actually think I did an ok job on these, and it really made me remember how much I loved Disney movies growing up. My mom said I learned how to work the VCR when I was like 2, and from there on out it was nonstop Little Mermaid. Aww yeah.