Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some Random Swatches!

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend is going well, mine got off to a bad start when I came home to find that my kitten had hurt himself falling and the vet said he broke his pelvis :( He's doing better now, hopefully he will heal up on his own and not need surgery. BUT my weekend is ending on a better note, I'm going to see Zedd tonight! I'm very excited, he's been on my to-see list for quite a while.

On a polish note, I have a few random swatches here and I don't feel like I have enough to say about them for each to get its own post.

Dynamite Blue Symphony- this is a little polish I grabbed in a clothing store I like, I was waiting in line and happened to see a display up by the front. Naturally I caved and grabbed a couple. This is a deep, bright blue shimmer. Not unique but a good shade to have on hand, and formula was good! Two coats.

China Glaze Immortal- A colour from the Halloween collection, Immortal is a grey creme with blue and pink shimmer. I really like it, but as you can see it was a bit patchy at two coats. Next time I'll be sure to do three! Formula was good otherwise, easy to control.

Jessica Platinum Wishes- I LOVE This polish. I've shown it over China Glaze Liquid Leather. It has multicoloured and holo multiglitter in a clear base. The colours look like blue, red, and green predominately, but there are others in there. I haven't seen this polish on blogs and I have no idea why not, it's from the Holiday collection and it's amazing. I have another glitter to show but it's like I forgot how to work my camera when I was photographing and all my pictures were terrible.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Ibiza Mix Jelly Sandwich

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today I have a jelly sandwich. I always mean to do these more often, but I usually have so many new polishes I just wear them instead. It's a real issue. LOL. I love the look of white based glitters, but haven't found the PERFECT one just yet (Yeah, I'm picky) so I thought I would see if I could scratch my itch with polishes I already have. Ibiza Mix by model's own is a great bright glitter, just what I needed. I sandwiched it with OPI Funny Bunny, a white jelly. I can't quite recall how many coats I used, I think it was 2 OPI, 2 model's own, and then another OPI. Don't quote me on it, though.


Ta Da!! I don't think this is going to be my PERFECT "candy" glitter, but I definitely like the look, and I like that I didn't have to buy any polishes for it, LOL.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dollish Polish Girls Rule Boys Drool

Hey all! I hope you had a fun Christmas if you celebrate, and a successful Boxing Day if you were brave enough to face the malls! I thought about going shopping today, but then decided I would rather read A Storm of Swords. I've been completely sucked into the Song of Fire and Ice books this past bit, so if anyone was wondering where I was... yeah, stuck between the pages of a book haha. BUT I remembered myself, and here I am.
Today I have a very pretty indie for you, and a rare one at that. I don't have many indies at all, but when I heard about this one I thought it sounded pretty cool. It's one of only 300 bottles, and to be given the opportunity to get it you had to fill out a form and have your name drawn. Kind of like a giveaway, but you still had to pay. haha!! Anyway I never expected to get to buy it because I never win anything, but I did! Yay!
Girls Rule Boys Drool is a very girly mix of tiny pink and purple matte glitters. This is also the first matte glitter I own, and I really like it. Here I wore one coat over two (or three? can't remember) coats of China Glaze Something Sweet to really amp up the girlieness. I also think it would look great over periwinkle, or white/cream, and obviously black.

There you have it! What do you think of this girly glitter? Would you wear it, or is it too much?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Barielle Elle's Spelll

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having good weekends. Mine has been okay, I've been feeling under the weather the past couple days so I've been having lots of bed rest. For me, bed rest also apparently means online polish shopping, so happy early Christmas to me I guess!! Now this is a cool polish I'd had on my wishlist for a while before I found it in a blog sale. Elle's Spell is a red jelly base packed with these cool orange-red flakies. At more extreme angles, you can see the flakes take on a green shift too. I forgot to get photos of that, whoops! The base colour is pretty sheer, I had to use three coats for opacity and there's still some VNL. Next time I may try it layered to see how that works. Other than sheerness, I didn't have trouble with the formula. I think the flakes make this an interesting take on the holiday red trend. 

There you have it! Just a quick one for today, hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Whimsical Seas

Hey everyone! So this is a combo I have seen before, but I really wanted to try it out for myself. China Glaze Sea Spray is an awesome grayed out light blue, a very pale shade but a little too dusty to be a true pastel. It's not quite a shimmer but it has a little bit of a pearl to it. I really love it. Revlon Whimsical is a light blueish very sheer base with pink and blue hexes and tiny bright blue microglitter. The polish is too sheer to every reach opacity on it's own, so a base is definitely necessary. I think it would look good over other colours too but Sea Spray is the one closest to its base. Whimsical is also a Deborah Lippmann dupe of Glitter in the Air, so that's a bonus!

That's all for today! What do you think of the combo? Not exactly winter appropriate, but I think it's cute!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Liebster Award!

Hi there!
So recently I was nominated for a Liebster award, I wasn't sure what it was at first lol but I looked it up and it's an award for blogs with under 200 followers. I was nominated by Marissa from Get Polished Up! I was super touched to be nominated (I'm honestly still surprised when I see my blog gain a follower, it's so exciting to know people actually look at my posts!) and I hope you enjoy this little post. :)

First, how the Liebster Award works:
I post 11 facts about myself.
I answer the 11 questions Marissa came up with.
And then I make up 11 new questions and tag 11 other bloggers! Yay!

So here goes.
1. I love health and fitness and am a physique competitor, as a bikini athlete.
2. I have a ragdoll kitten named Oscar and I LOVE him, he is so cuddly and sweet!
3. I currently work as a waitress, but I'm certified as a personal trainer and am getting into doing that as a career. But I also kind of want to become a nail tech...
4. I'm VERY indecisive (see above!) haha.
5. I did a 2 and a half years of post secondary in Psychology, I enjoyed the subject but didn't think I liked it enough to make a career of it.
6. I've been collecting/hoarding polish just since this year and my stash is growing exponentially!
7. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 7 years when I was growing up!
8. I hate scary movies, it's not so much the scariness while I'm watching them that gets me, but later when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and my brain is like "Hey guess what, DEMONS!!" No good.
9. I love food, and while I can stick to a diet in order to reach my goals, cheat meals are a MUST to keep me sane. Baking is another hobby of mine, and Reese Peanut Butter Cups are my crack!
10. I love electronic music, specifically progressive house and electro, and going to shows and dancing is the best way to cut loose for me.
11. I have been with my fantastic boyfriend for just over a year and we recently bought a condo together.

And now Marissa's questions!
1. What is your favorite band? As far as drum and guitar type bands go, I really like alternative rock. My first ever concert was My Chemical Romance circa I'm Not OK, and I've seen most bands I've wanted to since then!
2. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I've always wanted to go to Australia, but I think I'd also like to go to Europe. OR just the USA to stock up on their awesome junk food (I'm lookin' at you, flavoured OREOs) and cheap polish!
3. What is your favorite nail polish of all time? I would have to say my favorite nail polish of all time would be Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal, I owned it years ago but added nail polish remover to it in my ignorance and ruined it. T.T
4. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why? Hmmm... I feel like I should have a really cool, meaningful answer to this, but I just don't :( Let's go with my Great Grandma, she was part First Nations and I think she would have had a lot of amazing stories to share.
5. What inspired you to start your blog? I felt like owning a blog to showcase my polish collection would somehow "justify" it, and I was hoping to meet and talk to other lacquerheads!
6. Where is your favorite place to buy nail polish? I mostly buy at Winners or dusties irl, we don't have good beauty supplies like Ulta or Sally's in my part of Canada. Most of my polish comes from online though!
7. What is your favorite beauty product (besides nail polish)? Tie for mascara and blush. I wear them every single day!
8. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie growing up was The Nightmare Before Christmas, I still watch it around Halloween.
9. Do you have any pets? Oscar the kitten!
10. What do you do as a career (or what are you planning on doing)? I answered this already!
11. What is your favorite sports team? I don't follow professional sports.

Next I have to come up with 11 questions of my own!
1. What got you into polish collecting/blogging?
2. What is your all time biggest Lemming?
3. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
4. What's your drink of choice? (Virgin or alcoholic!)
5. What was your favourite subject in school, and why?
6. Name your three favorite artists.
7. What was your favourite animal as a kid?
8. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
9. What TV show are you addicted to?
10. What's your favorite food?
11. What's your dream job?

And now the Nominees! Not sure I can get to 11 but I will try!
1. Saira at The Girl With The Green Nails
2. Jenn at Paperbacks and Polish
3. Shelby at Shelby's Swatches
4. Allyson, Cait, and Sarah at The Lacquer Diaries
5. The hilarious Nicole at Young Wild and Polished
6. Yulia at Vicerimus
7. Caroline at nailsapART

Those are all the blogs I personally follow with under 200 followers, they are all amazing! I hope everyone continues the award, it's really a lot of fun!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sation Miss Emo Shun All

Hey there!
So I'm sure you may have seen this colour on other blogs, it is FANTASTIC! I saw this on I think Kellie Gonzo a long time ago and I was in LOVE. Sation is unfortunately hard to find irl, I know it's at some TJMaxx/Marshall's/Winners stores, but sadly not my local Winners. I ended up ordering this online, hopefully Sation eventually makes it into my Winners.

The colour itself is this amazing bright, almost neon blue-toned purple. Now my camera's idea of this colour is not really what the colour actually is, but this is the best I could do. Imagine it a lot more blinding and bright! The formula on this was actually crazy thick, I did a few fingers and then added some thinner because it was like painting with glue. But after I thinned it, the problem was taken care of and I only needed one coat on most fingers. Bonus! It did dry kind of matte so be sure to add topcoat for shine!

Love it. So purple!! Do you have any of this up and coming brand? The bottle is also a little bigger than normal, 15 ml instead of the usual 14 or so. Nice. I wish I had easier access to Sation because I would totally get a bunch more, their glitters are amazing.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Butterscotch Glitter Clouds

Hey everyone! For this mani I decided to try out the cloud design. I've seen it lots before and think it's super cute. Unfortunately I don't think the colours I chose were the best because it's hard to tell them apart, but I still think it was an interesting look. For this one I started with China Glaze Desert Sun, an interesting burnt orange/caramel colour. I'm not 100% convinced about this colour on my skintone, I think it's a little into lobster hands territory on me. BUT it also looks like I have Werther's caramels on my nails. Mmmmmmm *Homer Simpson drool*. So then I did the clouds first with I Herd That, a glitter that closely corresponds with Desert Sun. I added another cloud over the first with I'm Not Lion, a lighter glitter from the same collection. Overall it's really hard to see the distinction in the two glitters, but you can tell there's a difference so that's good for me!

Overall I think it was a cool variation on glitter tip manicures and next time I want to try out the design with some pastels or brights! Anywway that's all for me today, hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Lazy 15 Disney Nails

So I was doing better, got all caught up on this challenge. And then my boyfriend and I moved into our new condo (YAY!) which means all my nail stuff was packed up (BOO) so I am once again incredibly behind on the challenge. Le sigh. But these were my Disney nails!

I knew better than to attempt nail art again, so I went with a skittle mani inspired by the dresses popular Disney princesses wear. The blue represents Cinderella, the tan dotted with turquoise and gold is Pocahontas, the flakie teal and purple is Ariel, and the yellow with blue is Belle! I actually think I did an ok job on these, and it really made me remember how much I loved Disney movies growing up. My mom said I learned how to work the VCR when I was like 2, and from there on out it was nonstop Little Mermaid. Aww yeah.