Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Butterscotch Glitter Clouds

Hey everyone! For this mani I decided to try out the cloud design. I've seen it lots before and think it's super cute. Unfortunately I don't think the colours I chose were the best because it's hard to tell them apart, but I still think it was an interesting look. For this one I started with China Glaze Desert Sun, an interesting burnt orange/caramel colour. I'm not 100% convinced about this colour on my skintone, I think it's a little into lobster hands territory on me. BUT it also looks like I have Werther's caramels on my nails. Mmmmmmm *Homer Simpson drool*. So then I did the clouds first with I Herd That, a glitter that closely corresponds with Desert Sun. I added another cloud over the first with I'm Not Lion, a lighter glitter from the same collection. Overall it's really hard to see the distinction in the two glitters, but you can tell there's a difference so that's good for me!

Overall I think it was a cool variation on glitter tip manicures and next time I want to try out the design with some pastels or brights! Anywway that's all for me today, hope you enjoyed!

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