Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dollish Polish Girls Rule Boys Drool

Hey all! I hope you had a fun Christmas if you celebrate, and a successful Boxing Day if you were brave enough to face the malls! I thought about going shopping today, but then decided I would rather read A Storm of Swords. I've been completely sucked into the Song of Fire and Ice books this past bit, so if anyone was wondering where I was... yeah, stuck between the pages of a book haha. BUT I remembered myself, and here I am.
Today I have a very pretty indie for you, and a rare one at that. I don't have many indies at all, but when I heard about this one I thought it sounded pretty cool. It's one of only 300 bottles, and to be given the opportunity to get it you had to fill out a form and have your name drawn. Kind of like a giveaway, but you still had to pay. haha!! Anyway I never expected to get to buy it because I never win anything, but I did! Yay!
Girls Rule Boys Drool is a very girly mix of tiny pink and purple matte glitters. This is also the first matte glitter I own, and I really like it. Here I wore one coat over two (or three? can't remember) coats of China Glaze Something Sweet to really amp up the girlieness. I also think it would look great over periwinkle, or white/cream, and obviously black.

There you have it! What do you think of this girly glitter? Would you wear it, or is it too much?

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