Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'm Back! With Some OPI Swatches

Hey everyone, so it's been just over a month since I last posted... Wow. Definitely didn't mean for it to be that long, things definitely haven't been going as planned. The reasons for my disappearance are long and boring (to anyone who isn't me, haha!) If you're curious, feel free to ask, otherwise, on with the polish!
So you may know that my No-Buy July was definitely not a success, and not something I will EVER do again. It was painful. It was torturous. It backfired terribly and I hauled like MAD in August. And the next few posts will bear witness to that! My stash of OPI multiplied like crrrraazy because I found this awesome lot sale on kijiji (Canadian Craiglist) of like, 15 polishes for $50. Mad As a Hatter was in there so I definitely had to get it! Then a week or two later, OPI was on sale at Beyond the Rack and I had a credit so I picked up maybe 7 more. Yuuuup, I have a problem. Most of the colours you've more than likely seen before, but I had never worn them so I felt the need to swatch. Bear with me ;)

Side note- I wasn't sure if it was "bear" or "bare" with me, a quick Google search informed me that if I used "Bare" with me, I'd be inviting you to undress.... SO yeah. Bear it is! Pictures after the jump!