Monday, 11 June 2012

Sally Hansen HD Lite

Hi there! Sorry for my absence the past few days. Things are ramping up here because I have started contest prep, I am less than 17 weeks out now from my first ever bikini competition! I'm super excited but that means that now I have to be much more strict with my eating and make time for cardio first thing in the morning AND going back to the gym later to train weights. So between the extra cooking, planning, and gym time, it took me a while to get into a groove to have time to blog.
Today I have a polish that's a few years old. It's from the first range of HD colors Sally Hansen put out, and up until very recently, it was the only yellow I had! I think it's a good one. The formula is a little but runny but not too difficult to work with, and the colour builds up to opacity after 3 coats, which for a yellow is not bad at all! The color is bright and saturated, and has a slightly metallic finish. I think it's a great colour for summer, very sunshine-y and happy!
It was overcast the day I swatched this, so photos are indoors in indirect sunlight. For some reason the camera made everything look more cool whenever I tried to take a close up, the color is a bit warmer, like in the third picture.

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  1. pretty!

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