Monday, 25 June 2012

Nail Mail!

So this is actually from last week but for some reason I'm just putting it up now! This nail mail came from LLarowe. I know I've featured a few polishes I've gotten from that site, but I'll give you some more information about it. Llarowe is run by a wonderful woman named Leah An, and she carries hard to find and international lines, such as Glitter Gal, A-England, HITS, Ozotic Pro, and many others. She also stocks indie sellers like Enchanted Polish and Girly Bits. And if that isn't great enough, she recently announced that she will be adding three new indie lines soon! I highly suggest that you check out her site!  You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook!

Anyway, now that I've gushed about her amazing store, I will talk about the polishes! First, I HAD to buy some of the Ozotics that are being discontinued. I ordered Ozotic Elytra 528, and one of the holographics, 513, which is a purple holo! I also ordered three polishes from HITS: Twist, which is a blue and green flakie in a blue jelly base; Atena, a bright pink holo, and Moonbow. I didn't research my swatches thoroughly and it turns out Moonbow is almost a dead dupe for 528! Oops! I'm really not upset about it though, I think of it as backup!

Last but not least, I also bought Promise Me by Girly Bits and a mini of Lizard Belly by Glitter Gal.

What an awesome nail mail package! I've already posted on Atena, and the rest will be coming soon!

Ooh I almost forgot! I made this blog it's own email and twitter, you can write me at and follow me @LacquerliciousL! I did it mainly because I share posts on twitter lots, and I figured it was probably annoying for my non-lacquerhead friends to keep seeing all these nail posts. So I made them a home of their own :)

And I'm so sorry the bottle shots here are atrocious. I have a hard enough time taking pictures of my nails, you'd think a simple bottle shot would be easier but apparently not!

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