Thursday, 28 June 2012

Anne + Florio red shimmer??

Good morning! I'm dashing this post of really quickly while I eat my breakfast :) The boyfriend and I are headed off to Boonstock tomorrow and I have a lot of packing and running around to do today before I go to work. It's kind of stressing me out haha but I know that this weekend is going to be great so it's okay. Boonstock is a music festival here in Alberta, and the lineup is really awesome this year! I love electronic music and Aviici, Knife Party, Kaskade, Afrojack, Rehab, Chuckie, and Kill the Noise are all at Boonstock. It also has rock artists like Billy Talent, Korn, A Day To Remember, Volbeat, and GOB. So that will be cool to check out too! I'm most excited for Aviici, I've seen him twice before and it's always fun. He goes on after the Canada Day fireworks on Sunday! So this is probably my last post until Monday, unless I somehow manage to have time to throw one up tomorrow before we leave.
Anyway, on to the polish! This was the other polish Leigh, my boyfriend's client, brought me from Thailand! I've had it for months now but just got around to it now. Oopsies. It's a cranberry red shimmer. Formula was good, I managed to stop myself at two coats! The colour is pretty but it's not something I would have gotten for myself, the first day I was wearing it I kept looking at my nails trying to decide what I thought of it. I ended up liking it, and I think it photographed well. I lent it to my mom yesterday, I could see it looking really good on her. Unfortunately I forgot to make note of it's name so I will have to edit that into this post later! Pictures are outside in the sun.  I'm experimenting with different ways to hold the bottle so that my fingers don't look so silly (ie Royal post... ohgodwhy). AND I'm hoping to acquire Photoshop or something soon so that I can edit my pictures. Right now they're raw, straight from my camera. Realtalk haha. Anyway thank you for reading and I hope you have as great a weekend as I will! And happy early Canada day!

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