Monday, 25 June 2012

Joe Fresh Cement

Hi hi hi! I had a terrible tragedy yesterday. Ok not really, but one of my nails broke, not just a little bit, oh no. All the way down to the nail bed almost, and at the corner too. I had to trim all my nails right down and round them. I never used to understand the big fuss over breaking a nail, I definitely find it annoying now! At least these shorter nails are less hassle and stress. My nails are weak and brittle so when they're longer I find myself consciously trying to baby them so I don't break one, and if I see a break starting it drives me crazy. Clearly I have issues!!
So today I have another Joe Fresh to show you! This is a pale creamy gray. It's more of a blue gray than a brown gray so it looks clean and sophisticated to my eyes. And I think it looks nice on my nubbins haha. Formula wise it was easy to control and not too thick or thin, however it is very sheer! The first coat it didn't even look like I had anything on my nails. This is four coats and it's still not completely opaque, but I don't mind because when I lost the length I also lost the gross staining I had on my nails! Blessing in disguise!
I think I mentioned this in my first post, Joe Fresh is available in Superstores here in Canada and is dirt cheap at 3 for $10.  Bottles do hold only 6 ml though.

So pictures are outside in natural light. It is yet another gloomy, overcast day here in Central Alberta!

Okay and this is completely unrelated to nail polish, but I think my computer is possessed. The typing line thingy, I don't know what it's called. The vertical line that flashes and shows where you're typing, mouse pointer maybe? Anyway it keeps moving around or just disappearing entirely, without me doing anything! And sometimes the window minimizes itself. Super weird and SUPER annoying. Cursor! That's word I was looking for! Hahaha.


  1. Sorry about your nail!! Hmmm. Not sure about your computer. Good luck! x

  2. Thank you very much Vitoria! And thanks Moxie Reviews, the computer seems to have sorted itself out!