Wednesday, 30 May 2012

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

This colour I loved in the bottle, sadly the application process was a big fat mess. It took four coats to reach opacity, and the formula was streaky and hard to control. It also took foreverrrrr to dry, even with SV. A few nails smeared badly when I tried to do clean up so I had to repaint them. I tried using a few coats of white polish as underwear to beef up the colour payoff, but nope. Still took three coats on top of white, so that's pointless. 
That all said, the colour itself I really do love. It's a springy and fresh light green. It's too yellow to be minty, but not murky enough to be pistachio. It looks like fake pistachio, like ice cream or pudding! It's definitely a unique colour in my collection. If only the formula was better! But, I like the colour so much, I'll probably still wear it from time to time, like a sucker! Haha. 
Ick. I am so sorry about my cuticles in the pictures too. I had put on cuticle oil like 10 minutes before taking the pictures but I guess they were still thirsty :( And I have no clue what that random speck on my ring finger is. 
First two in sun, third one the sun hid behind a cloud.

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