Tuesday, 22 May 2012

HITS Mari Moon Daring

Before I get into the polish stuff ( I know, I know, the point of my blog in the first place) I have some other stuff to talk about! I haven't been able to blog for the last few days because my boyfriend discovered his laptop had some issues so it had to go to the Geek Squad to get fixed, and I was left with just my iPad. My iPad is great for looking at OTHER people's blogs, but to actually work on mine? Thumbs down. I hate tapping out long messages on the screen, and I actually couldn't get pictures on it from my camera. No USB port. And when I tried to email the pictures to myself, that didn't work either. But now that Lappy is back, I have some catching up to do!
This post (actually two manicures ago now) is HITS Mari Moon Daring. This color I got because it seemed similar to Ozotic Pro 505, which seemed similar to the first ever polish I ever loved, the legendary Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal. My bottle of Turquoise Opal turned a lame, murky, multichrome-less grey with age, and my heart wept. Amazon and evilbay searches yielded nothing. Then I found Llarowe, and Ozotic 505. Which was sold out at the time, so I decided to try the much cheaper HITS. Side note- since Ozotic discontinued all its awesome polishes last week, I went on a frantic spree and bought about 5, including 505. Yay!! 
HITS Daring, while nice, isn't the TO dupe I was hoping for. The multichrome just isn't as strong. It looks grey most of the time, but at different angles it shows teal and purple. But subtly, not the in-your-face gorgeousness I  wanted. It was also sheer, 3 coats for decent opacity but I also tried it layered over a coat of black creme and that was a little better. Anyway I doubt anyone is actually reading this anymore, so on to the pictures!
The first three are on its own and in sun. You can kind of see the different tones in the polish but I had a hard time getting them to show. The fourth and fifth pictures are with black underwear, the color looks a little deeper and you can see the shift a little bit better. 

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