Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Color Club Sky High?

Today I have a Color Club polish I picked up at Winners recently. I THINK this is part of the summer 2012 Take Wing collection but I can't be sure because the bottle has no label. They were being sold in packs of two, and there was a blue, green, pink, orange, teal, and yellow. So it looks like the same colors, but I'm not 100% positive.
The blue I got, which appears to be Sky High, is gorgeous. It's a bright, almost electric blue with glass fleck shimmer. To make it even better, at some lights and angles the shimmer seems to flash purple! Just gorgeous. I really liked the formula on it, the first coat was sheer but by three coats the color was deep and opaque. No issues with bubbling either! I used Seche Vite topcoat to seal it and give it more shine.
The first two pictures are in natural light, the third is with flash, and the fourth is in indoor lighting. I was being a spaz so the picture isn't focused, but it shows the purple flash in the bottle!
It really is much better in real life, almost as bright as the third picture and with just the greatest shimmer. I'm no photographer by any means so hopefully as I keep doing this my pictures will get better!
The last picture is a quick shot from my phone. It shows the true color the best!

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