Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Color Club Wing Fling

This is the last of the Take Wing collection I have right now, I might eventually go pick up the other three though. I can't resist a good glass fleck! Wing Fling is a bright, hot pink but the shimmer makes it seem...classy?  Can hot pink be classy? If so, this one is! The polish in the bottle shows some orange duochrome, but it unfortunately doesn't show on the nail. The shimmer is enough to keep the color interesting though, lots of depth and glow. Formula was good, a little on the thin side but very easy to control. By three coats it had good opacity, and it dried quickly and didn't feel "dentable". Of course I added my SV topcoat to seal it and give it extra shine, but I think it would have been okay on its own.
First two in shade, second two in sun. Look at that depth in the shade and sparkle in the sun! Awesome.

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