Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nubar Elegant Indigo/CND Raspberry Sparkle

Hey everyone!! How was your Halloween weekend? I'm scheduling this post, Saturday night I headed up to Edmonton with my boyfriend and some of our friends and we went to a party called Scream, it had Nicky Romero and Hardwell djing and they're fantastic, I'm sure I had a great time! Haha it's weird writing from the past, I'm not sure what tense to use.

This polish I picked up at Winners a long long time ago, but it seemed like it would be a biatch to photograph so I left it for Future me to deal with when I had a better set up. That would be now, so here we are! This is a black polish with glassfleck shimmer that shifts from pink to purple to blue. Super awesome! I'm not really much of one for straight black polish so the colourful shimmer in this one really brightens it up nicely for me. Formula wise this was great, nice and easy to control and only needed two coats for opacity. If you can find this, I'd recommend it!

Pretty neat hey? Anyways I thought that wasn't quite splashy enough so I did a gradient with my CND Effects Raspberry Sparkle. I'm a big fan of the CND effects, especially the sparkle ones. They're like duochrome glassfleck polishes in a sheer base than can be used over a variety of colours. I love them but they are a little hard to find, if you're in Canada they can be found in Chatters and are on sale right now!

In this shot you can see more blue shimmer.

And here you can see the purple/pink shimmer!

What do you think about this shimmer? Do you have any effects type polishes that you like to use?

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