Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Few L'Oreals!

Hey everyone! How's it going today? It's my day off and I've spent the day doing errands and then working on the blog, I'm loving the new setup! Swatching is way more fun now :)
These polishes I picked up at WalMart a few weeks back, L'Oreal's newish nail polish line seems to have pretty basic colours but I've heard good things about the quality so I wanted to try them out! And I didn't have anything like these two in my stash so I figured I was filling a niche, right? ;)

First up is Walk on the Beach, which is a sandy nude creme shade just like the name describes. I found it to be a very cool neutral, leaning more to the grey side of things than to a warm orangey/peachy neutral. In the pictures it was giving me some lobster hands but in real life it was much better, and I was playing with my camera's white balance. About the formula, it did not live up to the hype. It might be my brush, but the polish kept having these "scratches" in it from the bristles and it didn't want to level out. I ended up doing three coats to try and smooth it but you can still see the lumpiness in photos. That said, it is a great colour and from a distance, you couldn't tell. It's definitely a great palette cleanser!

Next we have Safari Chic, an awesome army green. In the store and honestly right up until I was swatching this, I thought it was a straight creme as well but there's actually some fine silver shimmer in there! It's very very subtle but I thought it was kinda cool! Formula was a bit better on this one, I really only needed two coats but felt compelled to do three (better safe than sorry right?!) This green seems to have a bit more blue in it than some other khaki greens, I wouldn't say it has brown in it at all. I love that's it's faded, muted, but not "dirty" looking. I'm still undecided about the famous ugly/pretty colours and to me, this is just a pretty colour! My skin is a different colour here because I custom set my white balance, so this is perfect!

There you have it, my picks so far from the L'Oreal line! I bet these colours would look great in a nail art look together, maybe one day I'll get super adventurous and do a tape mani, but don't hold your breath haha! Thanks for looking :)

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