Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Metro Chic...In the City

Hi all!
So this polish is one that I remember being popular when it came out, it is one of those purple/gray colours that is awesome for fall! Every brand seems to have at least one shade like this, and today I have the Sephora by OPI version, Metro Chic.
It's a creme formula, and mine needed about 4 coats to even out and look good! I'm not sure if that's typical for the polish though because mine was bought from someone else and I'm not sure how old it was/if she thinned it, etc. I have an accent of China Glaze CG in the City on my ring finger, it was my first time doing an accent nail and I liked it! The sparkle brightened up the subdued colour of Metro Chic nicely. Now I did about 4 coats of CG in the City its own, it would have taken less I think if I'd layered it over a darker base.

I really like the combo and think I'll probably do it again, maybe as a gradient? CG in the City is a great fall glitter with its purple, silver, and copper and looks awesome with these murky shades. That's all for now, I also built a lightbox tonight so my future pictures will probably be in there, it's too cold for outdoor swatches now that it's been snowing!