Saturday, 21 July 2012

Flakie Goodness!!

Hello!! Sorry for the mini disappearance, I really wanted to post but things got in the way. This mani was one I wore last week, but I loved it too much not to share! For this I used China Glaze First Mate, an awesome navy creme. I really liked the formula and found that if I used a thicker coat, it's pretty much a one coater! Then I used HITS Twist, a flakie with blue-green colour shift and a royal blue jelly base. This mani was really fun for me, it made me think of the ocean!
As you can (unfortunately) see in the second picture, cleanup can be a be a little difficult with deep shades like this so be more careful than I was lol! I really like how in the second picture you can see the green flakies on my pinkie and then they look blue on my other fingers.
The first picture is in sun, second inside in natural light!
That's all for now and I have more posts coming, I had an awesome kijiji purchase this week. Broke my no buy, but... Mad As A Hatter is mine!! Anyway thanks for reading, and more to come!

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