Thursday, 12 July 2012

China Glaze Dance Baby

Hello! So I don't think I've mentioned this here yet, but I am doing a no-buy July! Luckily my blog is new enough that almost all of my polishes are unswatched so I have lots to tide me over. I'm still finding it difficult not to buy any more though. And to make it extra challenging, I'm trying not to buy ANYTHING this month except for bare essentials like gas and food. Yikes. But it's for a good reason, and hopefully I will be able to share that with you all soon!
Today's nail polish is Dance Baby from the spring China Glaze collection. I got quite a few from the collection, and like the others I've tried, the formula on this was a little thick for my taste. It seems to work best in two thickish coats. Normally I prefer to do thinner coats but it's just not happening with these ones! No worries though, the polish was still easy to control. I would describe the colour as very girlie, almost Barbie-like. It makes me think of candy and princesses and all that jazz. It's a blue-based bubblegum pink and dries slightly darker than bottle colour.

 As you can see, I flipped this picture. My bottle isn't actually backwards! But that would be pretty cool if it was, right?

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  1. Bex I saw your comment and accidentally deleted it because I'm on my stupid iPad lol! Thank you :)