Thursday, 28 February 2013

OPI Jade is the New Black Swatch- February Untried

Hey! So today is the very last February Untried! I have to say though, I did NOT get through all my untrieds! Ooops! I think I'll have to keep the challenge going next month, maybe one day all my polishes will have been shown some love.

Today I have a classic OPI shade, Jade is the New Black. This green creme is beautiful, I find that it's slightly softer and more blue-toned than the Joe Fresh green I showed last week. Formula was good and I used three coats. My bottle came to me used, however, and it did seem fairly thin compared to my other OPI cremes.

Did I use my commas right in that last sentence? Seriously, let me know if I didn't. For real.

ANYWAY picture time!

Ring finger bump is once again from old glitter, not the polish.

And my skin is so dark because I used self tanner haha gotta get my bronze on!
All in all I really love this green, you'll definitely be seeing more of it! *hint hint, nudge nudge*

As always, go see what Amanda Squared have for today!