Thursday, 14 February 2013

Essie No More Film- February Untried

Hi! Today's untried is an Essie creme that I just love. It came out last year in spring or summer with a bunch of bright, colourful shades and this was definitely the odd one out. No More Film is a dusky, dark blurple that is so rich and creamy. I love how it looks purple sometimes and blue others, but always has that slightly muted quality. Essie is kind of expensive here, so I hesitated on buying it, but I ended up finding it on sale at London Drugs. Score!

Formula was great, two easy coats. It shows a little more on the blue side of blurple (I love that this is an actual colour now btw) but that's just my camera.

I used this as the base for some pretty bomb layering I'll be showing you tomorrow! Be sure to hit up Amanda and Amanda to check out their untrieds!


  1. Haha blurple makes me giggle. One of the healthy living bloggers I follow is addicted to Essie polishes. Me? I just stick with a shade of hot pink on my toes, no matter the brand. Although I still love my Betsey Johnson

    1. I love Essie too but I just found out they are not cruelty-free :( Womp womp. I probably won't be getting many more of them. Hot pink pedicures are THE way to go!

  2. Very pretty color - perfect for winter or a depressing day like Valentine's Day (for some people, anyway!)