Friday, 1 February 2013

Joe Fresh Cinnamon

Hi there! Happy Friday! Have any plans for the weekend? My boyfriend and I are going on a date tonight so I'm excited about that, dinner and bowling, yay!

This is a colour I picked up last time I was at Superstore, I hadn't seen it before so I thought I thought I should pick it up. (Not like I was at Superstore expressly to buy polish...) It's a blue-based red with gold shimmer, and a great winter colour. Formula was good, two coats and it's good to go! Unfortunately the gold shimmer did get drowned a little in the base, but it's still a pretty colour.

In other news I'm still trying to fix my camera's white balance, I loved how it was set before but now my pictures are coming out so dark! I want to Photoshop them as little as possible so I really want to get it back to my custom setting. Ugggggh I'm so mad at myself!

Anyway I will hopefully have that figured out soon, I have lots of swatching to do!

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