Sunday, 3 February 2013

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

Hi there! How's everything going today? Watching the Superbowl? I don't really follow sports and I don't have cable, so I spent the day housecleaning and swatching. Yay for lazy Sundays! 

This is a colour I wanted for a long time, I totally have a thing for pastels and ESPECIALLY pastel aqua/mint shades. Mmmmm. I seriously have so many colours in this family and I always catch myself picking up more. 

Re-Fresh Mint was part of the 2011Spring collection Up & Away. I have most of the shades from this collection, they're so great! This is a very pale shade of mint green, with heavy blue undertones. I was afraid it would be close to For Audrey, but it's much, much paler and a little more blue (to my eyes anyway). Formula was a little bit difficult, there was some streakiness on the first coat but I used a thicker second coat and it self levelled pretty well with topcoat.

Colours like this make me so excited for spring! Are you ready for spring manis or still rocking the winter shades?


  1. Beautiful color! I'm definitely in spring shades already, ready for winter to end!

    1. Thanks, I think it's a classic! I go back and forth haha I'll do a pastel springy mani and then a vampy shimmer right after.