Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lazy 15 Super Duper Catch Up Post!!

Hey everyone! As the title suggests, this is my lazy 15 Super Duper Catch Up post, where I will post the last few mani's I haven't posted yet, as well as my Dessert Mani for today, thereby bringing me back up to speed. Whew! This post is super long so the rest is going under a cut, be sure to check it out!

First, we have the "Favorite Colour" mani. For this one, I decided to go with my TWO favorite colours, because I often use them in combination anyway. My room was painted these colours when I was younger, and my snowboard gear is these two colours now! I went with alternating For Audrey and Joe Fresh Iris on my nails, and then doing a half moon mani with the opposite colour. If that doesn't make sense, the pictures will clear it up! I have got to say, the more intense this challenge gets the more I realize nail art is HARD! Even using hole reinforcement stickers to mark off my moons, I still had unclean lines! I think next time I'm going to cut the stickers in half first, that might help them stick tighter to my nail.

Next we have the "Feminine Mani". I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I think jelly sandwiches look pretty feminine so I went with one of those! I started with a base of China Glaze Sweet Hook, which so happens to be one of my favourite colours EVER. Then I added a coat of an aqua glitter I have by True Colors, I can't remember the name of the top of my head. I topped that with a layer of OPI Care to Danse?, then added another coat of a purple and holographic glitter by True Colors called Mystic Purple. Another coat of Care To Danse, and then finally some Fairy Dust to add sparkle! At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this mani, but I ended up really liking it!

And FINALLY, "Dessert Nails". I bet lots of people went with cupcake nails, which is a totally cute design. Unfortunately, that's also way too sophisticated for a nail art neanderthal like me. I decided to attempt to draw cartoony candies on my nails. Let's just say results did not meet expectations! I started with a white base (China Glaze White on White), then blobbed on some coloured dots. I used OPI Need Sunglasses, Houston We Have a Purple, Feelin Hot Hot Hot, and Y'all Come Back Ya Here. So far, so good. The next step is where things got muddy. Using a skinny brush, I tried to draw the candy outline around each coloured blob. Brushes are HARD TO CONTROL, YO! I am seriously gaining so much respect for those out there who are nail art magicians because drawing on your nail is NOT like drawing on paper! Not that I'm any good at that either haha! But anyway, here they are, my Dessert Nails! I'm so glad I can do something that plays more to my strengths for Wednesday's prompt.

I actually don't mind my index and middle finger. The other two look pretty wonky though!

So there we have it! I am now all caught up on the Lazy 15, yay! And because I don't want to leave you with a subpar mani like that candy coated catastrophe, have another shot of my feminine nails! :D

Glitter sandwiches = good. Nail art = bad.


  1. Love all of these your feminine nails are to die for!!! I think your candies are adorable and those I love that blue combo! Amazing job on all of these! :D