Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jessica Pumpkin Delight

Hello! I hope you're all doing well today! Today I have a polish from a new to me brand, Jessica. I don't see it on that many blogs, and I don't see it in stores around me. It pops up on occasion at Winners though, and that's where I got this beauty! It's from the fall collection called Spicy Dreams, and it's a gorgeous multicoloured foil polish. I had seen it on Scrangie and wanted it, and it just wandered into my life!

The colour on this one is hard to explain, it has orangey and gold flecks and the flecks also give it a duochrome look on the nail. It is so so sparkly in real life too, it's amazing. This colour is like fall in a bottle to me! I don't normally care much for warm colours but this one is fantastic and if you can find it, I recommend it. I'm also going back tomorrow for Cinnamon Kiss, a deep vampy red colour from the same collection.

What do you think of this foil shimmer? I really think I like foil as a finish!

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