Tuesday, 6 November 2012

China Glaze 2NITE

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I'm not sure why Tuesday would be particularly happy except, maybe, for this polish of WIN I am about to show you!

When I first heard of the China Glaze OMG collection, I looked at swatches, I drooled, and I pined knowing these polishes would probably never be mine. I looked on eBay and thought wow, these are definitely never going to be mine!!

But, as you can guess from the title of this post, I would eventually own at least one. I was wandering one of the two small malls in my town, and noticed a nail shop in one with some polishes in the window. The store is across from the video game store my bf likes to browse, so I had lots of time to window shop. I noticed some silver capped China Glazes. I started to get hopeful. Silver cap = good. I went into the shop and asked if the polishes in the window were for sale. Yes they are!! So I asked to look at the silver capped polishes and SCORE!! 2NITE and LOL! I bought them both and took off with a huge smile! Then a few weeks later, I went back because they had some other awesome older polishes, and noticed yet another silver cap I had missed the first time. Well, TMI is now mine as well! This nail salon has another location and I need to get my buns over there to see if they have any more of this collection!

Anyway enough blabbering, here is the money!

In diffuse light, a beautiful cornflower blue with what looks like ordinary silver shimmer.

And then in most light, rainbows of awesomeness!! I could see rainbows seriously 90% of the time on my nails, even in low light.

Do you own any of this coveted collection? Did you luck into them dusty hunting or find them online or in a swap? I'm excited for the 2013 collection of holographics but I'm very excited to own these as well!


  1. So beautiful!!! I've been wanting some of the OMG collection but have yet to get my hands on any :( do you know the name of the store you got them from? Awesome swatches tho! :)

    1. They're out there! I got mine from a local nail salon called Divine Nails & Spa, it's independently owned. Try going around to little hole-in-the-wall nails shops, they seem to have good stuff! And thank you :)