Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rainbow Untried! Layla Mercury Twilight

Hey there! So this is my super duper late Rainbow untried, but I still have an hour and a half in Thursday so here it is.

Just a quick one today, Layla Mercury Twilight. Application on these Laylas can be quite challenging, I know I tried it over a ridge-filling basecoat a long time ago and it was a nightmare. To be safe now I use an aqua base under pretty much all my holos. These pictures show three coats and to be honest, I'm still not completely happy with the coverage. Next time I think I'll layer it over a silver foil to boost the opacity. The holo effect is strong though!

Mmm rainbows! It's hard for me to get good shots of it in direct light, but man the the holo looks good when it shows! Be sure to check out what Amanda and Amanda have today!

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