Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Black and Green Jelly Sandwich

Happy hump day everyone!
Today I have a look I really enjoyed, I've seen some indie polishes that are very similar to this and I had a black a jelly and a green glitter so I decided to recreate it myself.

This mani took quite a bit of time and had lots of layers, I think about 4 layers of the glitter and maybe three layers of the black. The black jelly is actually a cheap NYC creme I diluted with clear polish to make a jelly. The green glitter is by a brand called True Colors that I found in a drug store in Nova Scotia when I was there last summer. They were super cheap so I grabbed about 5, they're great for jelly sandwiches!

I'm glad I saved the money and recreated the look myself instead of shelling out some more money! Not that the indies like this aren't gorgeous. And I'll definitely be making manis like this with my other glitters.

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