Friday, 18 January 2013

Soft White

Hi everyone! Sorry about my huge lull in posting. This is a mani I wore a while ago after receiving my Cirque order. I wanted to use the white glitter, Galinda, in a snow-inspired mani.

I started with a base of a random sheer white with shimmer I had in my stash. It's Kiss brand and I'm pretty sure that it was handed down to me from my aunts haha. The white was more sheer than I would have liked and needed four coats until I was happy. Luckily Galinda has great glitter coverage and I only needed two coats to get the look I wanted.

What do you think of my snowy mani? It has a lot of VNL so I think I might try it again whenever I have shorties next!


  1. You're right, this polish totally reminds me of snow! Very pretty and wintery.