Friday, 14 September 2012

Nail of Many Days Ago

Hello again!
This was intended to be a NOTD, but that was many, many days ago. I can explain my sporadic posting schedule, but it would take forever so I'll just say that I've been having technical difficulties and leave it at that. 
This look is Need Sunglasses? from the OPI swatch post, topped with two coats of a black and silver glitter called Satin Knight. The glitter is from a brand called true colors that I found in a Nova Scotia drugstore called Lawton's. I gotta say, that drugstore is AWESOME and I wish we had them here in Alberta. I can't find any mention of this true colors brand on Google but they had a bunch of different coloured glitter and a collection of other colours. They were really inexpensive so I bought five and will definitely be using them in jelly sandwiches, yay! This one has black and silver microglitter and small black hexes. I'm gonna be using this over everything! The glitter isn't too terribly sparse but it did want to stick together a bit so I had to dab it on where I wanted it.



Now remember how I said that Need Sunglasses? took foreverrrrrrrr to dry? Well I added this glitter a full day or two after I'd been wearing it, and it somehow turned the WHOLE thing into a gummy mess and it got mushed off my index finger. Blegh. But I'll just load on the SV next time, overall I really like these two polishes!


  1. Cool combo! I like the look of Need Sunglasses? but hate the formula. I have it and it's so unused that it's in my cabinet, not even in my helmer :P

    1. Oh no!! haha it's banished! Yellow in general seems to be difficult, I haven't had too much luck with them.