Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Barry M Magnetic Burgundy

Hi everybody! First I want to say thank you to the new people following me,  I notice and I really appreciate it. I'm very happy this blog doesn't have just two followers anymore. And yes, one of them was me and the other was my boyfriend. How's that for support?! Haha anyway it's nice to know people who AREN'T me are reading this too!
This is a fairly recent NOTD. I bought this from Harlow & Co after seeing it on Glitta Gloves, and it's my first and (so far) only magnetic polish. As such, it took me a few nails to get the hang of it. You'll notice my pinky finger looks pretty junk compared to the rest, but that is the learning curve. The formula on this polish is pretty thick so that you only need one coat. Then while the polish is still wet, you hold the magnet above it for a few seconds and the design appears! I painted one nail at a time and counted to five with the magnet. It was actually pretty fun to see it with and without the design!

Errr.... on second thought you won't see how my pinky nail looked because I've developed a hate on for how it looks in photos and I've been cropping them out. But take my word for it, it's wasn't very good!

That's all for now, do you like magnetic polishes? What's your favorite if you have one? Or are you over them by now?

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